Motherboard Repairs

Motherboard RepairsThe motherboard (also known as a mainboard) is the largest component in the laptop, it is the brains of the laptop, if you like. Because of this, it is also the most expensive part to replace and should it fail a replacement is often £200 upwards. The good news is though that we can repair down to component level which means that instead of you having to spend out a small fortune for a replacement mainboard it can be repaired which works out a lot cheaper. Common motherboard faults are where the laptop doesn’t turn on, the graphics are corrupt (i.e. lines down the screen), the wireless stops working or the laptop powers but nothing is displayed on the screen. Mainboard repairs vary in price and are not covered by our fixed fee £49.95+parts, due to the complexity of the repairs. However we will always provide you with a quote before proceeding with any repair.By offering a component level service we can often save a small fortune off the cost of the repair whereas other companies may only offer you a replacement.

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